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“I’ve known Janey for many years and during this time she has treated many of my patients. I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism and effectiveness when it comes to massage, soft tissue work and rehabilitation. I will continue to refer my patients to Janey without any hesitation as I know they are always in good hands with her.” Damon Newrick, Absolute Physio

“I have been seeing Janey regularly over the last 3 years to aid my recovery and prevent injury and during this time, my running has gone from strength to strength. Not only does Janey have a wealth of knowledge and experience, she has a real intuition and skill which set her apart from other practitioners. I can honestly say that she is the best in London” Emma, runner

“Janey has been alleviating many of my muscular-skeletal ailments for over two years, proving to be a real life-saver following a recent diagnosis of Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. She is the consummate professional but also warm, welcoming and personable. I could not recommend her highly enough.” Richard

“Hi Janey, just a short email to let you know that the stretches you gave me – and the metatarsal stretch in particular – has changed my life. I have been doing it every day and I cannot tell you how much better my feet feel. You’re a star! I hope you know it :-)” Vincent Baasch

“Thank you! I am feeling so much stronger and confident in my body now. I really appreciate all the work you have done with me. It has been a long journey from being diagnosed with a prolapse, to then being told it’s all gone, to now not feeling any pressure or dragging when I carry our little girl around. Whew!” Milo

“Janey, I had my first pain free run for 10 years after my session with you last week.” Alex, runner

“I first came to Janey to learn the basics of restorative exercise. In teaching me how to move differently, she’s taught me so much more–how to stand in alignment, strengthen and replenish neglected muscles, and examine my life for ways to incorporate movement. Janey quite literally helped me regain my footing in healthy living, and I have the flexibility down to my toes to prove it”. Mary Kay Culpepper

“As a medical sociologist who studies integrative medicine, I’m always interested to find practitioners who are knowledgeable, highly skilled, and gifted healers. Janey is all of those”. Cullen Clark

“I came to Janey five months ago with a knee problem that made it extremely painful to walk. Using principles of body mechanics, she guided me through corrective exercises. She explained the progression so clearly that it motivated me to practise at home. After just a few sessions, my knee pain disappeared and the swelling reduced significantly. I highly recommend Janey as an outstanding restorative exercise specialist with a kind and thoughtful approach. Janey trained me to apply the exercises to walking and moving outside which further helped me to integrate them into my daily life”. Mary

“Janey is a simply fantastic sports massage therapist. As a personal trainer the sessions I have with her are invaluable. With regular massage from Janey my body feels at its best – balanced, pain free and less stressed. As a result I have been able to train harder with greater gains to my fitness, remain injury free and enjoy an overall sense of well being. Highly recommended.” Louise, Personal Trainer

“Janey has designed a manageable, interesting training program to help me reduce the impact of my injury which has allowed me to take part in a variety of sports. She is incredibly conscientious and motivating and always provides excellent focused advice.” Ed, cyclist

“I thoroughly recommend Janey. She has helped me through injury using remedial massage techniques and by prescribing specific exercises, and I sincerely believe that she’s had an impact on my performance. Her manner is extremely personable and she is clearly very knowledgeable.” Tom, Ironman triathlete

“Janey, you cured me! You are truly superb at your job!” Nora, Solicitor and weight lifter

“Janey I just wanted to let you know that as of Sunday I’m almost totally back pain free! Absolutely incredible. 2 years of suffering and your exercises are doing the trick. I can’t thank you enough”. Joanna

“Recovering from my second hip replacement at 83 years old, Janey used an expert and subtle methodology to correct some long standing bad habits and I soon noticed a marked improvement. Anyone, of any age, who wishes to address the wear and tear of our urban lifestyle and increase their well being would definitely benefit from a few sessions of Restorative Exercise. She really knows her stuff” Nev, allotment holder